5 At-Home Workout Essentials

I am a massive fan of working out at home. It makes life so much easier and saves so much time, not to mention, it gives you no excuses not to workout. If you want to get an idea of what type of workouts I do at home, check out my last fitness post here. From working out at home, I have found that there are a few essential items that make the workout more enjoyable and that are sometimes necessary.

5 At Home Workout Essentials || Fitness || Healthy || Workout

Yoga Mat

This is an absolute must! In order to protect you and your flooring, you should really invest in a yoga mat. However that doesn’t mean that it needs to be a super expensive mat from Sweaty Betty, you can get any old cheap mat provided it has some sort of grip to it! Mine is from Tiger for under £10, but you can get whatever yoga mat meets your budget. Amazon has a variety of yoga mats for a variety of prices, but you could also get a good cheap one from the likes of Primark.

Cute Workout Clothes

5 At Home Workout Essentials || Fitness || Healthy || Workout

Whenever I get new workout clothes I am so much more excited to workout in the morning. If you lack some motivation to workout or to get up to workout, by simply buying workout clothes that you look cute in, will definitely motivate you to actually workout which is half the battle. Again you can get workout clothes for a variety of prices. ASOS is great for workout clothes as they have all of the major brands, but you can again get some great workout items from Primark which are just as good. As long as you look good and they pass the squat test, you are good to go.


5 At Home Workout Essentials || Fitness || Healthy || Workout

I don’t think I could actually workout without music. Music is so important for your mood when you workout, and I find that wireless headphones are the way forward. Mine are these, and I absolutely love them. They are so easy to connect to my phone which saves so much time and they are noise cancelling so that you can disconnect from the world when you workout. You can also get specific sporty versions of the beat headphones I use but I thought they looked a bit bulky as I also use them for everyday use.


5 At Home Workout Essentials || Fitness || Healthy || Workout

As you start progressing in your workouts, you might start to hit a wall, and not see any progress. When this does happen you should definitely invest in some weights. You could simply start off by using 2L water bottles as weights or you could go all out and buy a whole set of them. Again these don’t need to be fancy, as they are literally something to lift that will make your workouts a little harder. At the moment I use a mixture of water bottle weights and a 3kg weight.

Resistance Band

5 At Home Workout Essentials || Fitness || Healthy || Workout

Again if you start reaching a plateau you may want to make your workouts harder with a resistance band. These can really make a difference and make easier moves so much harder. They are especially amazing for leg and glute workouts! Here is a link to a good set of resistance bands you could buy which also comes with some possible exercises you could do. I haven’t personally used these however they appear to look like they are good quality. Also below I have a list of some resistance band workouts you can do to get a sweat on. Also let me know if you want to see a resistance band workout post.

Resistance Band Abs & Booty

15 Minute Resistance Band Booty Workout 

Major Booty Burn

I really hope that you have enjoyed this post and found it useful! What are your workout essentials? What is your favourite workout clothing brand?

5 At Home Workout Essentials || Fitness || Healthy || Workout

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