August Fashion Favourites

Hello my lovelies, today I thought I would share my fashion favourites for the month of August. This month has seen every single type of season here in England so my fashion favourites have been influenced by this greatly (which is why there aren’t really any summery pieces).

-Mom Jeans-

August Fashion Favourites || Fashion || Outfit Ideas || UK || EnglandI bought mine a while ago but every time I put them on I thought they weren’t flattering enough or that I couldn’t rock them. And then suddenly one day I just loved them and I’ve been wearing them loads ever since! I have to admit though, they aren’t the most comfortable of trousers, but that doesn’t stop me. Mine are from Zara and are super affordable! Click here to check them out.


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I don’t know if you know this about me but I am pretty much all about being comfortable (who isn’t?), so culottes are pretty much the perfect thing for me. They are breezy and super comfortable but also super stylish. I personally like to wear them with all sorts of tight crop tops or I sometimes tuck t-shirts into them. I think they are perfect for the English summer because you have your ankles out but you won’t freeze to death because your legs are somewhat covered. Mine are from Bershka and can be found here.


August Fashion Favourites || Fashion || Outfit Ideas || UK || England

I’m all about comfort. When uni starts up again you better believe that I will be switching all of the fancy summer shoes for my trusty old nike runners. They are so comfortable but they dress down everything. So I was in desperate need of some shoes that look good but didn’t make me look like I wasn’t putting any thought into my outfits. I had lusted over the classic adidas trainers for a while but everyone and their mum had them so I always resisted getting them. My trainers were gifted to me by my mum after she decided they were too young for her. And I love them. I literally wear them with everything! Dresses, trousers, jeans, leggings! They are a bit pricy, but I think they are worth it considering how much wear I get out of them. If you want to check them out click here.

-Pink Jacket-

August Fashion Favourites || Fashion || Outfit Ideas || UK || England

I had been on the hunt for a light jacket that I could throw on pretty much every outfit. I have a denim jacket but I don’t think I can rock that double denim look. I have a leather jacket but I feel like it kinda harshens my look a little and adds too much black. I had seen jackets like this one in more expensive shops but had resisted buying one because I couldn’t justify buying a spring/summer/autumn jacket for over £60-80. Then one day in Primark I stumbled across this beauty. It was everything I wanted and it was only £25! I think it was a match made in heaven because I even found the last size 4 lurking in the shadows. I feel that this jacket can be worn with everything and I think I will continue to get loads of use out of it as we go into autumn.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you want this kind of post to occur on a monthly basis!

August Fashion Favourites || Fashion || Outfit Ideas || UK || England

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