Current Physique and Fitness Goals

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Today I wanted to share with you how my body is currently looking and what my goals are for the future. Naturally I do have a pretty fast metabolism which means that I am naturally pretty skinny. Despite this, I have had phases in my life where I did put on a lot of weight but I was able to lose it again pretty quick (without much dieting).

Current Physique

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I’m probably the smallest I have ever been in my life at the moment. I weigh 51kg and I am 167cm tall. This technically is considered as underweight but I haven’t tried to get to this weight. I eat normally and I don’t ever go hungry. I’m just eating healthily and exercising.

I actually really like how I’m looking at the moment physically. You can see some definition from my abs, and my muscles are pretty firm. I work out every other day using an app called 8fit which I have been using since February. I have really been enjoying using it as I don’t have to think at all about what I will be doing during my next workout which makes working out so simple.

Using this app I can definitely see that I am getting stronger. When I first started I couldn’t do a normal pushup (not really even a woman’s push up). Now I can do multiple! I can also see that my legs and abs are getting stronger and stronger as the months go by, and this is so motivating!

Fitness Goals

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Although I do love how my body is looking, there are always areas that can be improved. I would love to be able to have more ab definition, but that would involve losing more weight from my stomach. As I said before, I am technically underweight as it is, so that isn’t really possible. However I do want to gain more muscle. As muscle weighs more than fat, this will help me climb the scales a little. To do this I’ve started incorporating protein powder into my diet in order to ensure that my body isn’t eating away at the muscle that I already have so that I can build more.

Recently I have been watching some vloggers on Youtube who have inspired me to start to grow my peach a little. Nothing crazy but I want to add a bit more curvage. Mainly my goal is to continue as I am but just add a bit more muscle rather than losing any weight.

Let me know in the comments what your current fitness goals are!



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